Lost Birds Orchestra

Presse 2017     

Lost Birds Orchestra

Cirque Etoile

Cirkus of the stars

The amazing story about  The Circus - that dissapeared!

Three life-experienced musical women meet. Once upon a time they were the swinging and elegant orchestra who traveled worldwide with Cirque Etoile.

Now, almost 40 years later, with more than 150 years of music in their luggage, the three musicians tell with glowing passion and high spirit about the many star moments in the cirkus tent.

Tuba, flutes, violin, guitalele, songs, percussion and loops. An inspiring  and colourful music world that will captivate the children!


Nordic gypsy / cabaret music

Age group: From 3 years

Duration: 40 minutes

Anne Eltard (DK):violin/vocal/pedals

Charlotte Halberg (DK): flutes/percusssion

Elisabeth Vannebo (NO): tuba/percussion

Anne Eltard (DK)

Violin, vocal, guitar, producer, soundartist and composer,

Plays in many different constellations spanding from world, rock, balkan, gypsy, reggae, punk to folk often using loops, livesamples and processed reality sounds.

Works in internationale projects in England and Sweden. Plays in different ensembles for both adults and children. She plays mainly her own compositions.



Tlf: +45 21 75 92 75

Charlotte Halberg (DK)

Flute, panpipes, kalimba, percussion and composer

Over the years, she has been a member of a wide range of jazz, world and folk music groups, and played theater music (including  Damon Albarns ”Gorillaz" project  ).

She currently plays in various ensembles with concert programs for both adults and children. Inspiration and tours to  China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ghana, Brazil, Australia, USA, Greenland and Cuba.


Kontakt: ch@charlottehalberg.dk

Tlf: +45 20 28 98 25

Elisabeth Vannebo (NO)

Tuba, didgerido, percussion and composer.

Elisabeth Vannebo is educated at the Grieg Academy in Bergen and works as a freelance musician with tuba as the main instrument. She works with rhythmic / improvised music, and is associated with various ensembles / projects as a musician and composer.

She has also published several books, events and compositions at the publishing company Noteservice.



Tlf: +47 413 00 279