Lost Birds Orchestra

Lost Birds Orchestra

Cirque Etoile

Cirkus of the stars

The amazing story about

The Circus - that dissapeared!

Three life-experienced musical women meet. Once upon a time they were the swinging and elegant orchestra who traveled worldwide with Cirque Etoile.

Now, almost 40 years later, with more than 150 years of music in their luggage, the three musicians tell with glowing passion and high spirit about the many star moments in the cirkus tent.

Tuba, flutes, violin, guitalele, songs, percussion and loops. An inspiring  and colourful music world that will captivate the children!


Nordic gypsy / cabaret music

Age group: From 3 years

Duration: 40 minutes

Anne Eltard (DK):violin/vocal/pedals

Charlotte Halberg (DK): flutes/percusssion

Elisabeth Vannebo (NO): tuba/percussion

Video - fotos: Jacob Engelbrecht